Marksun Wall-mounted 4U Network Metal Rack with Door for storing DVR / NVR , Router and SMPS/PoE Switches together for Device Protection, Airflow and Cable Management

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Product Description

A network rack is an important piece of equipment in a CCTV camera system. It lets you securely keep the devices such as a DVR / NVR, Router, SMPS / PoE Switches together.

Purpose of a 4U Wall-mounted Metal Rack in your CCTV Camera System: 

  • Apart from CCTV cameras, the CCTV system includes devices such as a DVR / NVR, Router and SMPS / PoE Switches. You can keep these devices safe, dust-free, and neat by using a network rack in your premises. A network rack is usually wall-mounted. This keeps the devices kept inside it steady which enhances their life. It also keeps the electronic devices dust-free which increases its life. As the network rack keeps all the electronic devices together it provides a clean look to the CCTV setup.

  • This is a 4U rack, which means it has an inside width of 7 inches. The length of this network rack is 18.3 inches. This ensures that the rack has enough space for keeping many devices. It also allows managing the airflow and holding the device cables.

  • This wall-mount network rack comes with a safety door, with a key, on the front side. The back side is wall mounted. It also comes with small enclosures on its top and bottom for managing the CCTV system cables. This provides a clutter-free setup.

  • Made of metal, the rack is perfect for storing the devices safely. The metal body also helps to dissipate the heat generated by the devices it stores. This helps in protecting the life of electronic devices stored within it. 

  • It also comes with an option to set up a Rack Fan to provide an extra cooling to the devices stored inside the rack. 

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