Metal Camera Housing with Stand for your Outdoor Bullet Camera, Protects Camera from Heat & Rain, Enhances Camera Life

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Product Description

This Camera Housing with Stand is made of metal and comes with a safety lock. This housing protects the camera from excessive heat, dust, and rain. It enhances the life of your CCTV camera.

Benefits of Metal Camera Housing with Stand in your CCTV Camera System: 

  • CCTV cameras consist of delicate electronic components inside them for their functioning. These components are prone to malfunction if exposed to excessive water, dust or heat. This beats the purpose of placing a CCTV camera.

  • So, to be safe, it's better to house your outdoor cameras inside this Metal Camera Housing with Stand. It acts as a shield by protecting the camera from excessive rain, dust, heat and even vandalism to a great extent.

  • This is a medium sized Metal Camera Housing with Stand. It is big enough for small to medium bullet outdoor cameras. It also ensures there is enough space for airflow after inserting the camera. This allows the camera to release heat to the outside environment. It increases the camera's lifespan.

Installing a Metal Camera Housing with Stand: 

  • Open the lid of this Metal Camera Housing by releasing its clip.

  • Insert the camera into the housing. Then close the lid and lock it with its clip. 

  • Screw the Metal Camera Housing to the Stand and fix it to a wall.

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