Generic HDMI Extender by Cat5-e/6 Cable, 1 Pair, Up to 30 meters Long Distance Transmission of HD Video & Audio

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Product Description

This generic HDMI Extender by Cat5-e/6 Cable makes it easy to connect your NVR/DVR and your display monitor to a security camera system. This works even when both devices are far apart in your home or property. 

Key Features:

  • In a security system setup, the NVR/DVR is usually placed in a remote area of the property. The display monitor is usually placed in a central area of the property. These two devices are usually connected using HDMI cables. This can result in long cables stretching between both devices. This is where the HDMI Extender comes in to rescue.

  • The HDMI Extender by Cat5-e/6 Cable converts the Cat5-e/6 Cable into the functionality of an HDMI cable. It removes any of the disadvantages of a long HDMI cable.

  • The HDMI Extender has a transmitter (TX) end marked for connecting to the NVR/DVR. It also has a receiver (RX) end marked for connecting to the display monitor.

  • A Cat5-e/6 cable, cut to the required length and fitted with RJ45 jacks on both sides becomes a network patch cord. One end of this network patch cord can be inserted into the transmitter (TX) end of the HDMI Extender. The other end of the network patch cord can be inserted into the NVR/DVR for transmitting footage. The receiver (RX) end of the HDMI Extender is inserted into the display monitor for viewing the footage. This setup eliminates the disadvantages of cable clutter caused by long HDMI cables. It also addresses the cost associated with long HDMI cables.

  • Long HDMI cables are not only difficult to fit into electric pipes but can also be expensive. Cat5-e/6 cable can easily fit in an electric pipe. An HDMI Extender is a cost-effective alternative. It also helps in cable management, keeping your surveillance system tidy and organized.

  • The HDMI Extender supports transmission up to 30 meters. This allows you to connect devices over longer distances.

  • The HDMI Extender supports 1080p Full HD resolution. It also supports synchronous audio/video transfer via the same cable. 

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